Why Emerging Markets? Why Emerging Manufacturers? Tofflon

Few years ago, multinational pharma companies seeking growth and respite from market uncertainty in Europe and the United States found a haven in emerging markets. However, a more somber outlook soon replaced early euphoria. Some emerging markets either suffered downturns or showed weaker growth forecasts as commodity prices fell; some healthcare systems struggled to scale up adequately their provision of care; and local companies became increasingly effective competitors in the pharma market. Furthermore, multinationals themselves often found it difficult to scale up in emerging markets, with particular challenges in talent recruitment, compliance, and organizational setup. To capture opportunities for growth in these markets, multinationals must be prepared to take a long-term view, continue investing in emerging markets, and take calculated risks (more info on the post “overcome the distance“). To succeed in this and move on from the old “go and grow” mind-set, they need to build an agile organization tailored to emerging-market. Build an agile Lyophilization Production In the wake of blockbuster drugs going off patent, large pharmaceutical companies are turning to biologics and vaccines for a steady revenue stream. Innovation in the vaccines industry is increasing rapidly to target diseases that were previously not considered attractive.This means, aseptic processing of large-scale lyophilized injectables, and the challenges and demands to overcome in this technology! 

  • To meet increasing cGMP expectations, especially how to control personnel contamination – the greatest challenge in aseptic critical process
  • To keep cost competitiveness and production efficiency as well
  • Faster time to market

 To meet the above challenges and demands, Tofflon develops Freeze Drying Lines for large-scale lyophilized injectables manufacturing.   Why Tofflon Freeze Drying Technology Tofflon established in 1993 and It is now the globally largest manufacturer of freeze dryer, with an installed base of 3,000 lyophilizers. Tofflon became a public company on the China Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2011.Tofflon’s goal is to be a total solution provider focused on the critical aseptic process of sterile injectables; the key values of the company are: 

  • To help customers know the risk in freeze-drying process and avoid it
  • To improve lyophilized drug quality, to reduce cost and to enhance productivity
  • To introduce GMP concept into freeze dying process and ensure all the steps in compliance with regulatory expectation

  Tofflon Global Advanced Technologies The world largest and fastest growing freeze-drying system brand.

  • 5 modern manufacturing parks
  • 3 R&D centers
  • Critical Process: semi-auto or auto process
  • 6S workshop management
  • International regulatory compliance (CE/UL/PED/ASME/ GAMP)

Tofflon focuses on the critical aseptic process of sterile injectables for Pharma and Biotech industry. The company uses its synergy in global advanced technologies from USA, Europe and Japan, and commits to make these technologies more affordable.   


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